“Staff walked away with things they could use immediately.
  I love that! Not only do our employees give the training
  rave reviews on evaluations but to me personally.”
Carol Spiker, Training Coordinator
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton

Catholic Charities Trenton

“You held a captive audience with your enthusiasm and
positive energy. You are great!  I learned many tools
I can use to manage my stress.”
Joanne Smith-Tavener, Wellness Coordinator
Office of Health & Wellness
New Jersey State Police

NJ State Police


“It seems the feedback has been universally positive for
your presentation, which is rare here. I liked your high
energy and your ability to be motivating in a way that came
across as very sincere-no BS. That seemed to work for everyone.”
Julia Stoller, Vice President
New Jersey Business & Industry Association



Empower Fitness small

” I must say, you have a very compelling presentation style.
All-around entertaining presentation on subject matter that
can be a little tough to swallow.”
Joan Brame, PhD
Owner, Empower Fitness


MORE From Our Attendees!

“One of the best presentations ever attended”
Rosalie Caruthers

” I learned a lot of different tools today. I would love to have
a longer workshop or a monthly workshop. Excellent!”
Deborah Cole

“Carol’s presentation was so helpful with useful, positive
ways to understand how to seek wellness. Thank you!”
Janice Reinhardt

“Good source of information – can use at work.”

 “Very helpful. Learned a lot. Comprehended a lot.”
Sharon Czachur

“I enjoyed it very much! The speaker was great &
very relatable! I was glad I came!”
T. Sweeney

“Great, simple to understand workshop. Thanks!”
Debbie Reed

“Walking away from this seminar I feel that I am well
informed on how to manage stress & use the tools I was
informed about. Definitely an eye-opener!”
Karen Gaudioso

” Excellent – love the simplicity!

” I like your spirit & energy. I have more motivation to
handle things & not wait too long to help myself.”
Sharon Rose

“Excellent workshop! Thank you!”
Jenny Lana

“The workshop was great!”
Jodi Luland

“Carol was a highly effective instructor; excellent slide
presentation, examples, and props. Excellent interaction
with participants. Thank you!”

“Thank you. Thank you. Energizing – Hope inspiring. Take away
so much information to help not only those I love but me.”
Joan Grace

“This was valuable to me to be able to learn new techniques. I
found this workshop very helpful.”
Art Ackerman

“I loved the tools & picture tools & word definitions.
program made me think of EMDR & how effective
that was in
therapy. Thank you for sharing your ideas.
Love the 60 second idea!”

Cathy Beans

“The visuals helped me focus. Talking alone  doesn’t get
to me. I have trouble retaining – so seeing &
earing is great.
Every time I see a soda bottle, I will
remember your message.”

Deanne Burk

“Very informative & good. I love the tools that you use
to show how stress is a part of reality but how we can
handle it effectively.”
Zainab Syed

“It was good but I wish it had been longer with specific
example work with 1 or 2 audience members.”

“Really enjoyed the positivity of the workshop. Realistic
& beneficial tools. Fun, lively, & helpful.”
Alexis G.

“Very enjoyable workshop. As you said, not new material
but really made me re-evaluate what I do & don’t do.”
Mary Vineis





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