It’s In The Cards

It’s In The Cards


Playing Cards 1

When you come to one of my live seminars, one of the first things you will be
handed as you take your seat is a playing card.

It may be a King or it may be a Three….. The point of it is: You DON’T get to
CHOOSE what card you get! And, you are stuck playing the card you’re dealt!

To me, this is the mirror to life – where we are often faced with many situations
we don’t get to choose whether or not they happen.

Nobody CHOOSES to….

  • have a health issue take over their life.
  • have a family member or friend pass away.
  • become a substance abuser.
  • have his or her world turned upside down.
  • become unemployed or get laid off.

There once was a time when I didn’t play these “life cards” very well. The truth
is, I was too busy blaming and complaining about the cards I’d been dealt. I
spent a lot of time focusing on the “why me?”

That all changed the day a friend sent me an email containing a video called
Finish Strong. It was LIFE CHANGING for me!

For the first time in my life I truly understood the power of choice. Instead of
blaming & complaining, I began to focus on the “what can I do?”

Today, this is the first LifeTOOL I’d like to share with you!

The video can be found at Go to ‘Motivational Videos’ &
look for <a href="http://play.simpletruths strattera for” target=”_blank”>Finish Strong. You’ll see a whole bunch of other videos there for you!

Here is the second LifeTOOL I’d like to share with you. It came to me just as I
finished watching the video. I call these “WordTools” & I consider them
my gifts from God!


~ To Living Well TODAY ~

Carol L Rickard


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